Tiffany started her artistic journey back in 6th grade after being inspired by the story and style of the ever popular Sailor Moon she decided that she was going to become an artist. Throughout her journey at South Lake High School she was encouraged by her favorite teacher Mrs. Prainito to continue working on refining her skills and developing her talent.

Tiffany worked hard on her artwork every day and eventually went to Macomb Community college where she met the ever-so-awesome Professor Matt Busch. Matt was able to give Tiffany the confidence as an artist to come out of her shell and try her hand at conventions. With his encouragement and her loved ones providing support, she attended her first festival in Emmet, where she drew anime-style caricatures for those that came to her table. From that moment, she fell in love with the prospect of doing conventions, and has been continuously attending them ever since.

Her biggest achievement to date was being selected to do the cover illustration for Penguicon of 2014, and working in Artist Alley at Motor City Comic-con. Even now, Tiffany works every single day on her artwork to achieve her longtime dreams.

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Posted by Jason Walker